In Search of A Happy Place

The Mind Junkyard

This is a challenge for every human. Find your happy place. Doesn't matter what you look like, what you sleep in or under or even if you are a prince. The champions of this quest don't come home, there's no medal and the world doesn't burst into song when the mantle of the search is passed to you. So many come back disillusioned, mind fatigued, loathsome at the world and with more problems than at the start. The few champions who succeed don't come back...frankly why should they. They have found their happy place and their journey continues, forward always has become their motto. I've spent a score and few years on this planet and am yet to find it. I guess I started searching the moment I was self-aware, from one friend to another, from one uniform to another. Yesterday I took off another uniform and frankly that's scary…

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