Liverpool : Gerrard’s Exit and Why the 21st Century Liverpool fan should be EXCITED!

Written by Jevaune Gordon

January 1, 2015 Steven Gerrard announced that he would be leaving the club he has played for his entire footballing career at the end of the season. On the 23rd of May 2015, Steven Gerrard played his last match for Liverpool Football Club against Stoke City. Eight days before, he played his last game at Anfield against Crystal Palace. On July 11, he made his debut for the MLS team, the LA Galaxy. This sequence of events had been the most important moment at Liverpool since the ownership of Fenway Sports and the winning of the Champions League in 2005, thus is the level of importance Steven Gerrard, has had for Liverpool for the past 18 years. Gerrard started off as a promising youth from the academy to becoming arguably the greatest Liverpool player in the club’s history. He became a king and Liverpool became…

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