How Reading topped the Premier League 3 years ago today

Hoops Way

It’s not until you’ve lost it that you realise what you had. This couldn’t be more apt after Reading’s dramatic fall from grace in the past 3 years.

In fact, it is exactly 3 years to the day (22nd August), that the Royals topped the highest tier in English football. It may not even have been for an hour, but we were there and here’s the story:

22nd August 2012, Reading travel to Stamford Bridge for their second game of the season, a game only being played on a Tuesday due to Chelsea’s UEFA Super Cup duties. The Royals had salvaged a point at home to Stoke the previous Saturday but were undoubtedly huge underdogs.

Frank Lampard converted an early penalty as proceedings seemed to be following the script. It would be a comfortable win for the blues from here surely? Apparently not.

image Guthrie celebrates giving Reading the lead

Just seven minutes later…

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