12 simple things girls love when guys do!

Keziah Garde

Girls are moody. Yes, we are. Girls are sometimes impossible. Yes, we are. Girls are so demanding. uhm, not that much. Girls are so hard to please. Not really.

But we, girls, are easy to comfort. And I listed 12 things (so far) that girls (plus me!) want about their guys. It is when:


  • He gets jealous.

Yes. I like it when he gets jealous. Instead of getting frightened when he asks “who is he?” or “do you know him?,” I like it. That means he cares, he protects you, guards you and secures your relationship. Being protective also consoles a girl.

  • He stalks you.

He’s always updated! Ain’t it cute when he suddenly messages you like, “Hey, your new profile picture is so gorgeous <3” or asks you what’s wrong because of your depressing recent posts? Yeah. it’s adorbs.

  • He send you long messages.

Virtual effort. Yes! I love it…

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