Season Preview / Title Contenders

The Stretford Roar

As the best time of the year kicks off, it seems appropriate to have some form of preview. There are a number of contenders and, given their shoddy start, possible successors to Chelsea’s title. Manchester City in particular look likely contenders. While Arsenal has gotten off to a shaky beginning. Both United and Liverpool, on the other hand, seem to be in a position that is very hard to judge as yet.

The Contenders (Top 4 and Liverpool):

NB: you have no idea the amount of joy it gives me to be able to write the “The Top 4 and Liverpool” for another season. Now, with that out of the way, we go for it.

Liverpool P2 W2 D0 L0 GD +2

When We Play: (H) 12 September, (A) 16 January

Liverpool has done a lot of business in the transfer market, including losing one of their best…

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