Nollywood: A Power Yet Unleashed

Nollywood Observer

By Chinwe Obinwanne


As they were pushed on and beaten mercilessly in nothing but their underwear, the boys looked into the eyes of the mob. They searched for pity but found none. They begged for their lives but the blood-thirsty mob was too thirsty to heed their plea.

They were not thieves and they shouted it out for all to hear but it seemed the devil and his agents made their voices just too small to be heard. Like the scene out of a movie, these four lads who their parents had so much hope on were burnt to death like rams for sacrifice.

Good people were there. Good people looked on shaking their heads. So-called good people took pictures and made videos. Good people did nothing to help these boys and stop the jungle justice. And so they died for a crime they didn’t commit. That was the story…

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