Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho Calls Manchester City’s Win ‘A Fake Result’

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Manchester City made a strong statement Sunday with its convincing 3-0 win over defending Premier League champion Chelsea.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho doesn’t see it that way, though.

“It’s a fake result,” Mourinho told BBC Sport in his postgame interview. “If you tell me 2-nil at halftime, I would say yes. But two or 3-nil at the end of the game, I say completely no.

“We were the best team by far in the second half. What they did in the first half, we did in the second half, basically. We dominated the game, we were in control, we have the ball, we move the ball, we create, we shoot and score.”

You could argue Chelsea was the slightly better team in the second half, but a full 90-minute effort is required to defeat a top team such as City. The Blues were horrendous in the first 45 minutes…

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