Tottenham Hotspur vs Stoke – Spurs’ Game to Lose

pubs to pitches

It did cross my mind if Stoke were going to show up at all from the way they played in the first half.
Spurs dominated possession throughout the first half and were able to capitalise on their dominance in the nineteenth minute. Dier met Eriksens corner at the front post to beat Butland. It was a deserved lead.
The score at this point didn’t show how Tottenham controlled the half but the possession statistics will. In the first thirty minutes Spurs had 75 per cent possession, most of which was in the middle of the park but with a one goal lead they were comfortable.
Stoke had the opportunity to bring the score level when a header to Diouf gave him an unchallenged header within five yards of the Spurs goal. He could have headed it to the left, he could have headed it to the right. He headed it…

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