Reading improves theory of mind


Recent scientific studies have been exploring how reading affects our brains and our psychological response to people.  
Henry-Lamb--The-artist-s-wife(1) Reading Enhances Connectivity In The Brain :  In a 2013 Emory University study, researchers looked at the brains of a group of a people over 9 days.  Part of the group read the novel Pompeii by Robert Harris and half didn’t.  Examining fMRIs (functional magnetic resonance imaging) of the readers’ brains showed heightened connectivity in some areas, including the left temporal cortex (associated with language processing) and the central suculus, an area connected to primary sensory response, which assists in the brain’s understanding of visualising movement.  This is likely because the brain visualises the movement and emotions of the character you read about in a book. ——– Most interesting was the fact that :” Even though the participants were not actually reading the novel while they were in the scanner, they retained…

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