Feeding the book beast: 10 ways to support your reading habit


Okay, let’s face it: if you’re reading this post, you’re probably slightly addicted to reading. If you’re like me, you hesitate to go into book stores because you know you’ll leave with a stack of books and a significantly lighter wallet. Here are some ways to support your reading habit without breaking the bank:

1. Make friends with other book nerds and borrow books from them. This is a great solution because this is basically a symbiotic relationship: you get to read their books and they get to read yours. Scoping out a new friend’s bookshelf (with permission, of course) is also a great way to learn more about him or her.

2. Use your local library. Seriously, guys, the library is your best friend when it comes to reading a lot and paying very little. I look at the library as a “first date” with a book. If I…

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