Create a Reading Habit: Let’s Begin from the Beginning

Soulful Garden

Any art or skill is possessed by those who have formed the habit of operating according to its rules. This is the way the artist or craftsman in any field differs from those who lack his skill. Now there is no other way of forming a habit of operation than by operating.

This is a passage written by the famous philosopher, educator and author Mortimer J. Adler in his classic guide for intelligent reading How to Read a Book.

It implies that we form our reading habit by reading.

At first this sounds ridiculously obvious. (Thank you, Captain Obvious! Here, take this potato!)

However, considering how people are willing to pay for reading course but reluctant to open their books, this reminder is utterly profound.


A couple of weeks ago, I listened to a podcast that said no children was born with the ‘reading gene’. Also, I also did…

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