Stay (these are 143 words);


Give me a hug
and wipe away
my tears
Smile at me
and promise
that everything
will be okay
Sit here
beside me
and listen
to my rants
and all
my stories.
Ran your fingers
through my hair
and kiss away
my fears
and doubts
Tell me
I’m fine
the way I am
‘cause it always
sound best
coming from you
Hug me
and say
that I do
deserve this-
you, my life, everything-
I’m starting
to believe
that I don’t.

Be there
to steady
my shaking hands;
Be there
to pick me up
when I fall;
Be there
to assure me
that life
will eventually
get better
Just be there,
and never
get tired of me.
I know that
is a lot
to ask for-
and there’s actually
so much more
than those-
but this what
I pray the most:

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