Premier League & Ligue 1: Transfers, Resignations and Something Completely Different

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Following the start of the French and English leagues I’m taking a look at some of the stories that have caught my eye.

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The Transfer Saga’s Continue:

John Stones: Chelsea has made it their not so secret mission this summer to sign an heir apparent to John Terry’s throne. Technically that man is Cahill but the general idea is that Stones has enough skill to take the mantel of best defender in England from Terry.

John Stones

Today Everton announced John Stones was not available at any price. Chelsea is valued at around £500+m, Everton at £112m. MATHS TIME! Chelsea are offering upwards of £30m, or put simple 27%+ of the entire estimated value of Everton.

If they raise their bid to around £35m then count me on the side of the story where Chelsea (or Manchester City/ United) will get their man. If Everton can learn anything from their big…

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