Harvard Student Exposes Facebook’s Massive Invasion Of Privacy

100.3 The Bull

Imagine you’re in college and you’re applying for an internship at a dream company and you get accepted! And then you come up with a really great idea but it makes the company look bad so they cancel your internship. That’s what just happened to Aran Khanna, a Harvard student, who had his internship axed by the social media kingpin, Facebook.

As as class project, Aran made a plug-in that works with Google Chrome that when used, allowed him to track every movement of other Facebook users that he was in a conversation with, even those he had not added as a friend. For instance, if multiple people were all commenting on a news article, this plug-in would allow him to see everybody’s exact location.

According to Business Insider, 85,000 people downloaded the plug-in in three days. Facebook caught wind of this and traced it back to Aran. They…

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