Sport is life. Even when it doesn’t go well.


It’s Thursday, and I’ve only just recovered from the weekend. Did I go out, you ask? Did I drink? Did I do anything extreme or excessive? Nah, none of those things.

So why, then, was my weekend so horrific? Because I’m a sports fan, that’s why!

Here’s the run down:

  • Friday, 7pm: The Sharks had a not-too-ominous-looking opening round Currie Cup fixture against the Pumas. Yeah, it was away from home against a team that isn’t always easy to beat – but, let’s be honest, it should have been a victory. Was it? No. Final score: Pumas 33 – 24 The Sharks
  • Saturday, 5pm: The Boks, battered and bruised [and not very transformed] after losses to Australia and New Zealand, had a home game against Argentina. A win and the team would finish not-bottom of the Rugby Championship table. Again, it should have been a win against a…

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