Tops and Flops- Review of the first week of the football season, 8th to 13th of August

The Biggest Sports News

Here at ‘The biggest sports news‘ we are taking inspiration from ‘the whistle sports’ with our new piece, called Tops and Flops. This means that for the rest of this football season we will be comparing each match week in football, picking a number of players, teams or individuals who have performed at the top level, or who have completely flopped.

This week has been anticipated for months by football fans. The first competitive occasion that teams get to show off their new signings and ideas to the football world. Already some big money has been spent all across the world with notable players such as Di Maria, Christian Benteke and Raheem Sterling moving to different clubs. So without further waiting lets dive into who has topped our rating this week in football.

image credit- Sky Sports image credit- Sky Sports

Claudio Ranieri- What a return to the premier league for the Italian…

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