Time Well Spent

All Guts No Fluff


We’ve all done it at one time or another. We find something that really excites us, and then we give “it” all we’ve got. In no time at all “it” takes over and becomes what we spend excessive amounts of time with, and in essence we have a type of relationship with “it.” Let that marinate a moment… a relationship with “it.” Competing for our time spent with our Lord. Ouch. Sound familiar?

What we’re doing seems so innocent too! Enjoying that favorite hobby, playing our video games, time spent on social media. Sometimes it’s even honor worthy actions that are consuming our minds, like our jobs and our children. And believe it or not, even serving God. We can get so busy doing things for God that we aren’t spending any time with God.   

Listen, it’s not what we’re doing that’s the problem, we can invest time…

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