Pinnick: Nigeria Too Big To Be Silent


NFF President Amaju Pinnick has again emphasized that Nigeria has the quality and quantity of population, and the wherewithal, to be a strong voice in the international sphere.

Speaking on the popular early morning programme of the Africa Independent Television (AIT), KAAKAKI on Tuesday, Pinnick, not for the first time, urged critics of the Nigeria game to be constructive and not destructive, and to cultivate the habit of proffering alternative solutions whenever they feel what was being offered was not good enough.

NFF Logo

“Instead of simply castigating those at the helm of affairs, we should have tendency to offer what we believe are better solutions for specific issues. It is not about one person; it is about our dear country, Nigeria.

“When myself and other persons at the helm of Nigeria football travel out of the country, we go out there to project the Nigeria game, to seek for partners for…

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